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Student Testimonials 2008

“I am happy that I returned to Vinigulaza. My teacher was excellent, Oaxaca is a beatiful city to study español.” - Patricia Frines

“The classes are a great way to meet people and learn about they many activities available in Oaxaca.” - Courtenay

“It`s been great, I can`t believe how much more confident and confortable I am speaking in only 4 weeks!” - Wil Herren

“¡Mi maestra es la mejor maestra que he tenido en México!
¡Me encantan sus clases! Gracias y nos vemos.” - Laura Klatt

“Amazing school, two weeks equaled about a year at a regular school.” - Isaac

“My teacher was wonderful, he was clear, patient, helpful and had a delightful sense of humor. I have made preogress and wish I could stay longer to continue to learn.”
David Trieme

My private lesson teacher was wonderful. He listened to what I wanted to learn. He adapted his lessons to meet my specific needs and had the pedagogy to really teach well. He knows a lot about the structure of spanish and delivered fantastic lessons on gramatical aspects of spanish that he detected from my spech.”
Mary Clair Birheweier

“My time at Vinigulaza was amazing. I looked forward to class everyday. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful. Thank you so much, I wouldn`t trade my 3 weeks here for anything!” - Lindsay Hallman

Kids Testimonials 2008

Wonderful!!! We'd love to come again and stay much longer! My oldest son is also very interested in coming on his own in a few years. Thank you for the experience!
Yours, Joan Clabby

On a scale from one to ten I would give the school an 11! We were there for one month, taking classes every day from 9 am til 1 pm. We were there with our three kids, ages 11, 11 and 10. We were in separate classes but actually covered similar material. Our teacher was fantastic. She kept the pace of the classes quick and challenging. She spoke little English (or pretended she didn't!) so we learned quickly and exuberantly. Our class was small and very international, the method of teaching encouraged a friendly competition and comeraderie.

I had really no Spanish going into the experience and came out understanding an entire tour that we went on at the end our time there. Our kids' teacher was excellent also -- they loved her. She taught through the use of crafts and field trips as well as class work. They had had two years of public school Spanish and there wasn't really any comparison.

Vinigulaza also arranges tours in the afternoons for students which is a wonderful way to see different villages and the artisans that work in the outlying areas. I enjoyed the spirit of the school -- there's a combination of focus and flow and fun, for us it added up to a joyful and rigorous learning experience. Obviously, I was very impressed and we look forward to going back. - All the best, Ann Carlson

Thank you so much for setting that up. We all had a great time. It was good for all of us to practice our Spanish. - Manuel Retamoza and Family

Ellen, my 7 year old, loved her 4 weeks at Vinigulaza. In her words, her teacher ‘was always patient and always had fun things to do’. She learned a lot of Spanish through games and activities and she and her teacher made little excursion into town so that she could practice her Spanish on the local population. The family stay was perfect for her as well, it was a lively but friendly environment in which she made many friends and had room to run and play. She and I would recommend the program whole heartedly to any children who want to pick up basic Spanish vocabulary in a comfortable activity oriented class.

I couldn’t be any more pleased with my sons’ experiences with their tutors. Both teachers were creative, energetic, consistently positive and warm, obviously well-prepared and open to feedback from the boys and I (eg. when Simon wanted to write less or go out more). The Coordinator was very welcoming at Academia Vinigulaza and always made a point to check in about the boys’ experience with tutors as well as about our overall experience in Oaxaca.
Leslie Davies (mother of two boys 10 and 1)

“Alia and Lacy really enjoyed language school!. The hands-on crafts and games were wonderful!. The teacher did a geat job! The girls loved her!
The children`s class was very well done. They had fun and we have been impressed by how much Spanish they have learned! Thank you!!”

“It was fun and I learned spanish and we played lots of games”- Lacy Norton 9 years old

“My teacher was nice. We played lots of games and had a lot of fun.” - Alia Norton 7 years old

Student Testimonials 2007

“I arrived in Oaxaca not understanding most people; now I`am able to carry on conversations with most people or at least get my ideas across. Thanks!!”
Lisa Norton

“Thank you so much for an excellent introduction to spanish grammar and vocavulary! I had and excellent teacher, patient, clear in the explanations and keeps an appropiate speed of learnning for all students in the class.”
Norah Connolly

“Clear/ Been than some of my British University lecturers!”
Ken Mulligan

“This is an excellent school. The teachers are very clear and they break information down, so it is very comprehensible. Also, classes were very entertaining so they did not seem like work.”
Heather Bucle

“Vinigulaza is a wonderful school with wonderful staff. I would highly recomend Vinigulaza!”
Anna Greig

“Thank you for accomodating me when there was not a class available at the correct level for me. This is an example of the great individual attention you give yours students.”
Jill Thomas

“The teachers I met at Vinigulaza were so friendly and welcoming and they gave me confidance to speak in more spanish! I will miss it mucho.”
Roxana Dimond

“I am pleased with how helpful the staff are here in Vinigulaza. I enjoyed my stay here. I learned a lot in a week- it`s too bad it was a short stay!”
Viola Mayol

“Profesional maestros, un edificio excelente y limpio- cerca del centro y muchos lugares históricos, cerca del zócalo. Estudiantes de todas partes del mundo.”
Sharon Emrick.

A recent article from
"The Alberta Teachers' Association Magazine"
by Deirdre Swan
(click for full article)

Susan Dillon
February 2006
The teachers were enthusiastic and fun, very encouraging and patient, making this an extremely rewarding experience.

Lorna Sheveland
January 2006
This was a wonderful experience. Truly, this is a well-organized school with carefully constructed activities for learning Spanish. I recommend this school to all!

Patrice Frires
January 2006
Vinigulaza is an intimate setting for learning Spanish. Many opportunities to listen to Spanish and practice on the street.

Nathaniel Lara
January 2006
I must say, I think this is the best Spanish class I have ever taken. Also, the school is very friendly and the rest of the staff very kind.

January 2006
These were the best language classes I’ve ever taken. I learned more in one week of classes than I’ve learned out on the streets of Oaxaca within a month of living here. Incredible teachers.

January 2006
Vinigulaza can provide you with your specific needs in learning Spanish. I had some Spanish and the lessons from Vinigulaza consolidated the pieces and filled in the holes. Just what I needed!

Sandra Francour
January 2006
I really enjoyed learning with my teacher and the classes as well as my homestay. I wish I could have stayed longer at both.

Nancy Watson
The classes exceeded my expectations.

Bill Slatkin
January 2006
I’m very impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the staff. My two weeks at Academia Vinigulaza were productive and fun.

April Palmer
January 2006
Vinigulaza not only greatly advanced my ability to speak Spanish, the school also made my stay in Oaxaca a delight with a greater understanding and appreciation for the culture.

Hilary Anthony
January 2006
The teachers are professional and well prepared. The school is flexible and friendly. I had a great experience.

If you have been a student with us in the past and would like to add your comments then please contact us.

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