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These activities are held every week. Everything is organised through reception and you should sign up for whatever you are interested in.

Monday 1:00 pm - Orientation
We offer a small talk about Oaxaca and the activities that we offer during the week.

Tuesday - Cultural Activity
Enjoy a talk on local culture, an arts'n'crafts workshop or a movie with discussion.

Wednesday 5:00 pm - Cookery Class

A unique opportunity to take thoroughly enjoyable cooking lessons with some of Oaxaca’s great cooks - one of whom was described as the ‘goddess of the kitchen’ by students! We have three options available:
1. Oaxacan main dish, usually a mole, a traditional fruit drink and a dessert.
2. Mexican cakes and 'pan dulce'
3. Fantastic tamale class - unravel the mysteries of these delicious banana leaf wrapped parcels!
Vegetarian options available. There should be a minimum of three people and the cost is 150 pesos per person.

Thursday 1:00 pm - Excursions
These are held to different places of interest. Please sign up as we have a maximum of 7 seats in the van. We are usually back by 3.30pm to 4 pm. The cost varies according to the destination – between 75 to 150 pesos per person. We have trips on other days which will be announced at the start of every week.
Not only that, it is also as affordable as your cheap holidays in Sharm el Sheikh.

San Bartolo Coyotepec
Black Pottery Village. A short film is shown on the family who discovered how to make the unique glaze and the life of one of the village's most famous potters, Doña Rosa. We visit the village and a workshop to see a demonstration of the process involved. Time is given to visit shops and an arts'n'crafts museum.
Cost $75 pesos per person.

San Martin Tilcajete
A village specialising in wooden carvings. Animals of every kind and every colour, figures ranging from the mundane to the fantastic are carved by local artisans. Techniques are handed down from generation to generation. We visit a local workshop and watch the artisans as they explain the lengthy process involved. Students see the raw materials transformed into finish products as they see the artists decorate their work.
Cost $75 pesos per person.

Ocotlán de Morelos
Ocotlán is a beautiful village an hour away from Oaxaca. We visit the village on market day, witnessing an explosion of colour as indigenous Mexicans come far and wide to buy and sell hand made shoes, turkeys, goats, fruit and vegetables, baseball caps, horse saddles, ropes, cds, pottery, rugs, clothes - anything you can imagine! Ocotlán was also home to one of Oaxaca´s most famous artists Rodolfo Morales - his paintings are also full of colour and local life. Much of his earnings went to found a local charity - a school and gallery was set up in his home and work given to local families as restoration work was undertaken on the cathedral and ex-convent. Both are lovely and open to the public.
Cost $100 pesos per person.

Hierve el Agua and Mitla
This is a longer trip. We usually organise this at the weekend to allow ourselves plenty of time to visit the archaeological site in Mitla and the natural beauty of Hierve el Agua. Hierve el Agua is a site in the mountains with natural sulphur springs and waterfalls. These have created incredible mineralised waterfalls over the centuries that are incredible to see. This is a fantastic place to walk as an approximately 2 km path circles the site with incredible views of the falls and local cacti.

Friday 1:00 pm - Conversation Club
Great extra practice and a chance to focus on idioms.

Friday 5.30 pm - Salsa class!
Great fun and exercise. Only $25 pesos per student. Don’t miss it!

salsa classes

raul herreraMonotype Art Workshop with Raul Herrera
Born in Mexico City in 1941, Raul Herrera is a one of Mexico’s foremost painters. He studied extensively both in Mexico at the Academía San Carlos and Paris´s Louvre and Beaux Arts. He has had more than 50 individual exhibitions in Mexico and abroad – among them the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Modern Art Museum of Mexico. He has been living in Oaxaca since 1992 showing regularly in art galleries, museums both in the city and across Mexico.

Monotypes are one off pieces. Raul will talk you through the whole process and you will leave with an original piece of art, Made in Oaxaca! You don’t need to be an artist to try this, maybe you’ve never even put a pen to paper before. Whether you do it as an art project or just for fun, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. You will visit his studio and talk about art or life in Mexico for an artist while you sit in his beautiful garden. His warm nature and knowledge of Mexican art will make it a fascinating time. ART WORKSHOP –Three hours, from 5 to 8 pm. Classes can be one student to three. Cost $40 USD (includes all materials and a complimentary drink!)

selva grande

Afternoon extras and weekends:
Weaving and arts'n'crafts workshops are also available.
We are currently offering weekend trips.

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the school free of charge.

Intercambios - conversation exchanges with a Oaxacan student studying English. If you are interested please ask at reception for one to be set up. They are usually daily, half an hour in Spanish, half an hour in English and held at the school.

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