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Courses for children focus on learning through games, songs, chants and conversation activities.

The classes and curriculum are different from adult classes but we plan to run them at the same times, mornings 9 am to 1 pm (with breaks) for teens, or 9 am to 12 pm (with breaks) for kids.

We favour dynamic activities, role playing and TPR (Total Physical Response). This means that children are moving, learning and putting words into a real context - using the vocabulary that they learn immediately and to effect.

We reinforce this with written activities but they key factor is that they must always be stimulating- our students should never be bored. It works, our students learn and they enjoy themselves!

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The grammar and vocabulary covered will be determined by the children’s level and the activities will change accordingly. We are flexible in adapting out programme to the group’s needs. If they already know the parts of the body for example - why do it again just because it was the next step on the plan. Conversely, if students are having trouble with a particular area we dedicate a little more time to it rather than moving on.

We can also set up play times or 'meetings' with Oaxacan children learning Spanish in the hope that they will each try and communicate the language that they are learning. We have done this with great success in the past.

The cost for the adult and children classes is the same.

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