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Homestays - a home away from home!

As a complement to our Spanish courses we arrange for many students to live with a Mexican family and discover local hospitality and home cooking! The families we work with all have experience and enjoy opening their homes to foreign students and language learners.

Cost per day (in US Dollars):
Bed and Breakfast
and Lunch
and Dinner
It’s worth remembering you can’t get a decent hotel room at these prices!

After you confirm your travel plans, we would be happy to recommend a family and help you arrange your stay.

Please Note: Our accomodation services are limited to students already registered for Spanish classes. Please bear in mind that if you leave for a weekend trip you will still have to pay for the homestay. Please ensure that you pay for the number of meals that you book. If you wish to modify your plans you must give 5 days notice. Please pay for the homestay in cash (dollars or pesos) at the school on your first day of classes.

Self-Catering Apartments

We also offer a few self-catering options.
One of these is independent fully-equipped bungalows for US$520 a month, set in a private garden and located south of the city center. The family are always happy to chat with their guests.

Another is an apartment complex in the north of the city center offering studio apartments with a shared roof-terrace.

Please let us know if you have any further queries, we are always happy to answer email enquiries.


Luxury beach villa in Puerto Escondido

Ideal for small groups or families, Villa Lumina provides the perfect environment for intensive Spanish immersion classes custom designed for your party.

For more detailed information about Villa Lumina and to see more photos of the villa, please visit

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