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Located in a beautiful colonial building in the heart of Oaxaca's historic center, Academia Vinigúlaza offers Spanish language classes focusing on conversation, for all levels and ages. Our dynamic and varied immersion program offers students great value with the highest academic standards - you will not only learn Spanish but also about the culture of Mexico.

Developed by experienced educators, our program focuses on interactive conversation exercises to allow students maximum speaking time. To achieve this we have written our course books, for both children and adults, to achieve students' rapid and effective progression.

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It’s not always easy to commit to a school from abroad. That is why we allow students the chance to come and meet us before they have to commit financially. All we require is a Registration Form for courses and, if you would like accommodation, an Accommodation Form for a homestay or apartment. You don’t have to pay anything until you arrive here, and by registering you allow us to plan classes better and give you a discount. We are competitively priced because we know that you expect good value for money and that is just what we give you.

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Email us with inquiries or for a quote, we are always happy to provide a custom-made trip for your group!


We offer classes for students who are absolute beginners to the most advanced students searching to increase fluency or put their knowledge into practice. Our group classes run from one week (for those with little time or who wish to gain enough fluency to travel) to six months for a complete program, including a regular volunteer schedule. Students are placed according to their level and abilities with a written and oral test.

Academia Vinigúlaza's prices represent the best value with the highest academic standards for group and private classes.

At Vinigúlaza, we do not separate conversation from grammar - we have developed our own course books, with levels from complete beginner to advanced in order ensure students' skills development is maximized by routinely providing entertaining dynamic role plays and exercises.

Our classes are made up of no more than 6 students and our Spanish teachers are all certified and native speakers with an exceptional amount of patience.

Teachers foster an atmosphere of confidence and fun in the classroom offering patient support and focusing on dynamic conversation exercises to allow students maximum speaking time.

We know your time is valuable and often limited; we work with you to improve your Spanish fast and enjoyably. Our students feel relaxed because our teachers make them feel comfortable about using the language.

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