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Class trip to Monte Albán


At Academia Vinigúlaza we offer students:

  •     Well prepared conversation classes.
  •     Classes for all ages: children, teenagers and seniors.
  •     Free placement (online and in person).
  •     Highly trained certified teachers.
  •     Excursions to pre-hispanic sites, colorful indigenous markets, cooking classes, cultural and language workshops.
  •     Homestays for total cultural immersion.
  •     Seasonal and group discounts.
  •     Group packages (including classes, materials, homestay, meals, excursions, afternoon activities and free wi-fi, farewell party and free walking tours as well as many other perks such as discounts on classes).
  •     Volunteering opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take the placement test. This can be done online now or once you arrive in Oaxaca, from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. If you need an oral exam you will be asked to come in at 9 am on Monday morning.

We ask that students pay for classes on Monday. This is so that we can give those who pre-book the free materials we offer in good time: a notebook, pen, verb tense book. If you do not receive these on payment and you have pre-booked over the internet, please request them at reception. Payment must be made no later than Wednesday.

  •     Internet pre-booking gives you a 5% discount
  •     Booking for over a month takes this discount to 7.5% when payment is made in full at the beginning of the stay.
  •     Eight students or more enrolling together.

Obviously, this varies. A lot of students are from Canada, the U.S., Britain, Japan and Holland.

Yes, you can. We would probably suggest you take group classes in the morning and private in the afternoon. Arrangements would be made on an individual basis depending on the number of hours you take.

Laundry service is not included. Some families will have a maid who comes by once a week and you can pay for your washing to be done. There are good laundry services available all over town.

Yes, they are widely available.

No, we take US dollars, Mexican pesos, VISA or MasterCard.

First, average high and low temperatures only apply to a couple of hours at midday and late night/predawn. Most of the day in the central valleys the temperature will be around 25º C (77º F) to 30º C (86º F). Remember, in the capital city of Oaxaca we are at an altitude of 1550 meters (5080 feet) above sea level which means that the sun is quite strong but there will always be a significant difference in temperature out of the direct sun.

Parking is available both in paying car parks or free on the streets, usually within a five-minute walk from the school.

  •    By Plane: Oaxaca has its own airport (Benito Juarez) with some international flights. You'll probably find it's necessary to change planes in Mexico City. Sometimes your local flight is included in the international tariff. Ask your travel agent.
  •     By Bus: There are comfortable coaches to Oaxaca every hour. The luxury coaches, UNO, are very comfortable and only have 24 fully reclining seats on each bus.

Yes. Both aerobics and gyms are available.

We visit a number of different places, here are a few of them: traditional looms; the famous black pottery village; the wooden animal village; Ocotlán, Etla and Zaachila village markets; Cuilapam; a coffee production plant; a cochineal farm.

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