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Afternoon Activities

Our wide variety of afternoon activities ranges from workshops- local artists teach century old techniques such as pottery, the craft of "alebrijes" and paper-making - to cooking, salsa classes, cultural activities, walking tours, excursions and additional language workshops.
Learn about pre-hispanic Oaxaca as you visit the world famous ruins in Monte Alban or Mitla. Immerse yourself in the indigenous markets as you marvel at the stacks of colorful crafts and goods that abound.

Ethical Tourism: Academia Vinigúlaza supports several local community projects. Are you interested in volunteering? Read more about the projects we support here.

Dive into Ceramics

Visit ceramists’ workshops and see how little this art has changed over the centuries. As we spend time watching how these artists have developed their craft, we also have the opportunity to learn about their lives in these rural communities.

Alebrijes workshop – paint under the guidance of local artists

Make your own alebrije as you learn about these fantastical creatures and their roots in Zapotec tradition. Community workshops are committed to training young people in this complex art form as well as reforesting local copal forests.

Taste, touch and try – cooking class experience

First go to a local market and shop for ingredients. Later, spend time in a traditional kitchen and learn how to make a traditional mole (pronounced mole-eh), chili salsa and a fresh fruit drink. Finally, sit and share a meal.

Oaxaca’s markets: colors people and produce

Join us as we delve into the traditional markets and learn about local life. This is a fabulous experience for photographers and shoppers alike.

Food tours

Try everything from a tortilla freshly off the comal, to goat cheese and basil ices. Learn how Oaxaca’s famous string cheese, quesillo is made and make your own. Explore Oaxaca’s organic markets and talk to those who bring us delicious produce. And of course, mezcal – no trip to Oaxaca is complete without a tasting of the agave spirit.

Innovation and Sustainability: a Oaxacan twist on tradition

Oaxaca is at the forefront of the movement towards sustainability. Visit traditional artists who give back to their community and work for the greater good, and innovators both in the art and entrepreneurial world.

Experience Day of The Dead

Day of the Dead is an incredibly special tradition Oaxaca. Classes can include information about the belief system surrounding 'Muertos', visits to markets, cemeteries and much, much more. For information on a package including classes and Day of the Dead activities, please send us an email.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year in Oaxaca

Parades, music, fireworks and events! Oaxaca is an explosion of color and fun during the Holiday period. If you would like to escape from the winter humdrum and enjoy a warm and exciting Christmas, book now to ensure we find you accommodation!


Oaxaca’s traditions take over the city during this special time. Silent processions, century old banners on display, altars and decorations abound; this is a unique time to be in the city. Some villages hold reenactments of the crucifixion as a mark of their faith. To be a part of this unique experience, send us an email.

Experience life in the world’s most diverse biosphere.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live far away from it all? Our visits include meals with a local and a taste of local life. Experienced ecological guides accompany you on walking tours of the area, try your hand at making tortillas, or husking corn. This longer trip is Ideal for groups and families alike.

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